About us :

FARARANG TABLIQ Company (FARA RANG Advertising Center) started its activity in the field of printing and advertising in 2001 and imported the first banner and flex printing machine of Wit-Color Company for the center's printing house. After three years, in the field of advertising and printing services and environmental advertising since 2005 as the official sales representative and after-sales service of Wit Color Company in Iran has been active and after installation and commissioning of more than 1500 printing machines Banner and Flex in different models in 2010 succeeded as the first exclusive representative of Wit-Color Company in Iran (and even the Middle East) to continue its activities much wider.

After that, following the expansion of the company's activities since 1392, after several years of research and investigation into finding a strong and suitable company to produce devices with Japanese Konica heads, the exclusive representative of TAIMES factories was also received, which is under the company's supervision. The German manufactures all its machines with Konica heads and Epson heads in Japan and is one of the largest manufacturers of banner printing machines with Konica heads in the world.

Since 2016, with the expansion of digital fabric printing and fabric sublimation printing, this company was one of the first providers of digital fabric printing machines in Iran and now the best-selling sublimation paper printing machine in Iran, as well as sublimation inks used by FARA RANG Company.

Meanwhile, about 85% of scarves printed and produced in Iran, about 50% of furniture fabrics and about 70% of bedding and bedspreads printed in Iran, are printed by the machines installed by FARARANG Company.

Who are we ?

We have 18 years of continuous experience in the sale and installation of industrial printing machines. At first, we started our activity by selling banner printing machines and then we were the first importer of ECO Solvent printing machines in Iran. We offer UV printing roll by roll so that almost all major manufacturers of printed curtains use our installed devices.

Following the sale of laser cutting and engraving machines of the Swiss company Bodor in Iran. In recent years, with the boom of digital fabric printing in the world, we, as the first provider of sublimation printing machines and digital fabric printing in Iran, have expanded our activities to the point that now the best-selling textile printing machines in Iran belong to FARA RANG Company and of course supply Fabric thermal printing calendars, which complement digital fabric printing, are from the best Chinese and Turkish manufacturers. We are also the specialized and exclusive representatives of all brands that import their devices to Iran, which are working in most of the textile and scarf productions as well as the huge textiles of the country. We have always expanded the number of sold and installed machines by expanding the warranty and after-sales service network, so that now we are the only company that has a separate and strong support and service unit for industrial printing machines in Iran with 12 skilled technicians. And trained and two technical managers with 15 years of experience in the industry. Also, spare parts for all installed devices are available in abundance in the company's warehouses for many years after the end of the warranty period. Another point is the continuous supply of printing raw materials (with all the problems of sanctions and imports, etc.) such as printing rolls, sublimation printing papers and specialized inks for printing machines.

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